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Edjmate ― The Flexible Solution!

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Artificial grass perimeter fixing strips

Laying artificial grass? Then you need Edjmate!

Only £3 per metre!

Edjmate offers quick and cost effective artificial grass perimeter fixing.

Ideal for trade contractors or DIY, Edjmate is an easy to install, rot proof perimeter edge fixing system. Flexible and versatile, Edjmate provides a safe, strong and secure unobtrusive barrier between the grass edge and flower bed or path with up to 18 fixing points per metre.

Edjmate artificial grass edging strips can be curved in either direction to create the perimeter shaping of the lawn and will easily go around trees and shrubs.

Manufactured in the UK from industrial grade twinwall polypropylene, Edjmate is extremely flexible yet very strong when in the ground.

Edjmate is guaranteed never to rot, is fully recyclable, and will last at least as long as your artificial lawn.

Edjmate is 585mm long x 120mm deep and supplied with joining clips. Pack of 50 covers 29.25 linear mtrs ( approx 96ft) and pack of 20 covers 11.7mtrs (approx 38.5ft)

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When the ground is cleared for artificial grass (usually up to 100mm), make a channel for the Edjmates to the perimeter shape you require and place the artificial grass edging strips in the ground, butting them together with the in-line clips provided so that the top of the fixing tabs will be level or just below the level of the top surface of the sand when installed.

Use as many of the fixing tabs as required and put 6″ nails (nails not included) in but not fully. (The “teeth” on the Edjmate are there for lateral support and to allow for up and down adjustment during installation).

Back fill and compact the soil up to the level above the “teeth” on the fixing tab side and up to the top on the outside (use a little water if soil is very dry).

After membrane and compacted aggregate / sand is installed, knock in the pins to bring the fixing tabs level with the surface, pre-cut the grass to shape, apply artificial grass adhesive and secure the grass.

This has been the answer to our prayers, so simple and quick to use in any weather. Gone are the days of wood battening or laying a concrete perimeter

Geoff Brooker, GB Landscapes. Guildford.

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