Reducing Plastic

Waste plastic is clogging the earths’ natural eco systems...


Plastics is something that is here to stay. It’s not going to go away but single use plastics are very damaging to the environment so we need to find more and more practical uses for recyclable plastics.


Almost every type of home improvement product over the years has replaced natural materials with a low maintenance alternative.Windows / doors / conservatories / guttering, drainpipes and even artificial lawns.

Garden fencing in the UK has traditionally been timber and whilst aesthetically pleasing, is high maintenance and has a relatively short lifespan.

In the US, upvc (vinyl) fencing is the default choice and across continental Europe, plastic fencing has been very popular for many years.

From plastic landfill waste to maintenance free fencing

The METISSE fence panel system is manufactured in the UK entirely from recycled packaging waste that would for the most part go to landfill or pollute our environment.

Metisse fence panels are a composite sandwich construction of recycled polystyrene packaging waste and recycled waste polypropylene and upvc.


Strong, durable and made to withstand high winds, they are UV stabilized, maintenance free and are guaranteed never to rot or need treating. They also have great acoustic (sound absorption) qualities too, reducing noise nuisance by up to 30%.

Matching gates are available and the system is supplied using our own steel posts (again recyclable) or can be fitted to your existing concrete posts.


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